The Florida Diaries – Day Three, Universal Studios



Hey guys…it’s been a while. Lets just kick this off with a long awaited (ha) recap of Day 3 of my Florida 2018 trip. This was our first visit of the trip to Universal Studios and I could not wait to get into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

We arrived at the park just before 9 am as that’s when we thought that it opened. The park actually opened at 8 am but this made literally no difference to our plans as the park was more or less empty! We started the day with a 20 minute wait for the Minions ride. Despicable Me is one of my go to movies when I’m poorly and we missed out on our last visit because the queues were always ridiculous. I loved all of the little details as we queued and the ride itself was great fun!


We exited Minions Mayhem and James walked straight onto RIP Rockit while I bravely stood back and held the bag.


We then walked over to the new Fast and Furious ride and were loaded straight into a bus which I was not expecting to do at all considering it’s a brand new ride. With three rides down, we decided to head over to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as we were nervous that the reason the park appeared empty was because everyone would be in Diagon Alley.

We really did not need to worry. The crowd level was super low and we had plenty of time to wander around the shops and take pictures before storing our bags and walking through Gringotts which we rode twice in a row. I was a very happy little Ravenclaw!




We had a quick pit stop for ice cream from  Florean and Fortiscues. I went for a mint swirl. For the life of me, I could not get a decent picture and in the end, I was too impatient to eat it so you’ll have to enjoy this blurry photo with Grintgotts in the background instead.



James grabbed a frozen butterbeer while I contemplated a pumpkin juice. I was not brave enough to try it in the end.



We took some goofball pictures with the Jaws tribute. This is turning into a tradition for us as we got the same picture on our last trip.


We challenged each other on the Men in Black ride and James won. The line for the Men in Black seemed to have the longest queues of the day but we were quite lucky as we caught it at a shorter wait time.


My second favourite land (after the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) is Simpsons Land so that’s where we strolled next. We were actually pretty jammy because as we started to queue for the Krustyland ride, it started to rain and by the time we came out ten minutes later, the sky had cleared. Love the Florida weather!


We popped into Krusty Burger for some lunch before heading over to ET. I love that little alien.


We were starting to flag by this point so I took a quick Starbucks break and decided to try my first ever pink drink to enjoy while we watched the parade. I did enjoy but I think I’ll stick to a strawberry acaii when I’m at the parks in future.


We walked around to the Transformers ride before making our way onto the new Jimmy Fallon ride. As a brit, I don’t really know much about Jimmy Fallon but I really enjoyed this ride! I really liked the little pre-show viewing area where you watch lots of clips of different episodes, it made me wish that we had the show at home.


The decoration for the Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios were great. The creepy aesthetics were so different from the cutesy Disney Decor (which for the record, I also love). We enjoyed going to a little wander and nose.


We ended the day with a ride on the Shrek 4D experience before exiting the park and heading to Margaritaville for some well earned dinner and drinks!


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