Florida Diaries – Day 2, Magic Kingdom day!


Jet lag was still going strong by day two so we were up and getting showered by 06:30. We ate some of the bits that we picked up in Walmart the night before and were on our shuttle by 07:30.

To get to the Magic Kingdom, we had to go to our drop off location at Epcot and get through the entrance security there before boarding the monorail.  We were walking down Main Street USA and waiting for the welcome show in front of the castle in no time at all.



I’ve wanted to visit the Disney parks at Autumn for years because I love how full on the Americans get for Halloween. Walking into the park for the first time was a dream – Main Street looked gorgeous! The welcome show kicked off just before 9 am which I was glad of because I was worried that I would miss it as we rushed off to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. No fear however, Mickey and the other characters performed on the stage, some day time fireworks were set off, the ropes were dropped and all of a sudden, we were caught up in a stampede headed towards the SDMT.

I’m glad that we were close to the front of the castle because we were on the ride in just under 30 minutes (which was the longest wait time of the day). It was the first time that we had been able to ride this attraction and I’m glad that it was our first of the day because it was great fun and set our day off to a good start!


We went for a little wander around Fantasyland where we did another first of the land and rode on ‘Under the sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid’. I’d worn the Ariel Minnie Ears  that I’d picked up at Hong Kong Disney Land so naturally, I had to meet Ariel at the end of the ride!


We had a fast pass for 10 am for Big Thunder Mountain but we realised that it had closed due to technical difficulties. We decided to head over to Frontierland anyway just in case and it turned out to be our lucky day- the ride opened as soon as we arrived so we walked on without using our fast passes. It then closed again as soon as we came off so we were able to use our FP on something else later in the day.

We had a Splash Mountain FP for midday so we decided to spend a bit of time around Adventureland and Liberty Square while we waited. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean and afterwards, I tried my first ever corn dog (delicious) along with a frozen raspberry lemonade to cool down as it was HOT by now. We sought out air conditioning in the form The Country Bear Jamboree (a very odd experience) before finally making out way to Splash Mountain.


It’s no secret that I’m a big baby when it comes to rides with big drops and it’s safe to say that I was having a big panic all the way around this ride until right after the drop. I know that it’s not even a big drop, I just can’t help myself having a little flap over nothing sometimes! I do actually enjoy the ride once the drop is out of the way.


They now give out plastic zip lock bags on this ride for a very good reason; we got absolutely drenched! We were well and truly soaked before we’d even done the drop so a victory photo afterwards was necessary.

It was still roasting hot so we walked through Liberty Square to dry off a bit. It was there I felt someone stood behind me and James snapped a picture of one of the Country Bears getting in close. I think they look terrifying!



We still had a FP to use so we decided to head towards the Haunted Mansion. We stopped at the Christmas shop beforehand and which I’m glad of because we experienced a bit of extra magic from a Cast Member. He was walking along next to us and started chatting about our plans for the day and how he had ended up working in Disney World when he was from Birmingham. Before he left, he gave us two multi pass fast passes each to use on whatever we wanted meaning that we’d had 5 Fast Passes for the day which had really helped on a busy Saturday at the Magic Kingdom!



After the extra magic experience, we watched some of the Royal Friendship Fayre in front of Cinderella’s Castle before walking over to The Haunted Mansion ride to use a FP. It’s good fun and one of my favourites. We also got a magic shot with some hitchhiking ghosts on our way out.

It was now nearly 2 pm so we found a spot near the Christmas shop and settled down to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade.





I’d bagged a front row spot for the parade and loved every second of the parade; but let me tell you, sitting directly in the sun, in 34 degree heat with no relief for 20 minutes will do things to you (even if you are wearing a hat). I went a little bit loopy and was in dire need of a drink so we retreated to Pecos Bill for some much needed lunch and ice water. I went for the kid’s nachos and WENT TO TOWN at the toppings bar. I did not take a picture- the sun must have really got to me!


We took our time in the cafe and as a result of the before mentioned loopiness, we decided to get some of the indoor rides with air conditioning done. We used one of our fast passes for the Peter Pan ride and then queued for it’s a small world.

We hadn’t done Tomorrowland at all by this point so we headed through Storybook Circus to Space Mountain where we used our last free fast pass.

We then walked onto Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin where I kicked James’ butt. It was the only time that I beat him on this ride so I’m glad that we got this photo to commemorate! I must have accidentally hit a bonus button somewhere through it because I’m usually rubbish at these sort’s of things and I managed to score as a Cosmic Warrior (or something along those lines).



We were both getting knackered by now so we decided to take it easy and ride the Astral Orbiter ride followed by the People Mover. We also passed a Photopass photographer and got a nice shot outside of the castle. It was at this point that I remembered the Purple wall and obviously had to get a picture taken.


Obligatory Instagram picture taken, it was time to find a space for Happily Ever After.

We managed to get some photo’s in front of the partner statue and then I left James to find a spot while I grabbed us drinks from Starbucks.




Here’s a pro tip, don’t visit Starbucks before watching HEA unless you have plenty of time. I was in there for almost 30 minutes and by the time I got out it was a real struggle to find James amongst the crowds. Our phones couldn’t connect and I really thought that I would be watching the show on my own and meeting him at the gates afterwards.

We did find each other in the end though and he’d managed to bag us a fairly good spot to watch the show with. The Starbucks was definitely worth the hassle after all that because I was knackered and thirsty by that point. I’m not a Pumpkin Spice Latte fan but this salted caramel mocha hit the spot!


It was our first time watching the show live and it really was a fantastic experience. We enjoyed the projections and I loved how some of the fireworks were made to match the show, we saw even saw aliens in the sky during the Toy Story section of the show! It really was an amazing end to our day and I was glad to have done Magic Kingdom from open to close.


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