The Florida Diaries – Day One, Epcot


I’m a rubbish blogger. It has been absolute weeks since my last post all due to illness, work and a hen party away in Benidorm. I will try and get better at posting again, I promise!

We woke up just before 6 am on our first day which I don’t think is too bad at all considering I was a big ball of excitement (and jet lag). We had showers, got ready and were out of our hotel room by 7:30 am so that we could get the hotel shuttle to Epcot. Our hotel was in the Lake Buena Vista Area so we were dropped off at the gates of Epcot within 15 minutes and had some time to wait before rope drop.


Just before we joined the queue to get into the park, I went to grab a map and was given a celebration badge. It was the first time that I’d ever been given one of these in the park and I really think that it added to our experience as we were sprinkled with extra ‘pixie dust’ a few times while wearing them.

While we waited for rope drop, we were treated to a performance from the ‘Jaminators’ who played percussion on metal bins. It was a good opener and pepped up the crowd. We were instructed not to run and the ropes were dropped which lead to a bit of a stampede towards Test Track which is one of the faster rides on the park. James and I power walked ahead of the crowd and more or less walked onto the ride with a 10 minute wait time. We had a great time creating the ugliest car that we could before jumping into the car to test it. A fabulous first ride of our holiday!


It was already boiling by this point so we stopped for a bit of breakfast from Starbucks including a Strawberry Acai refresher. It was delicious and I wish that they were sold in the UK. I of course had to take some photos for insta before we got on Spaceship Earth!


I also got a bubblegum wall picture before we used our first fast pass of the trip for Soarin’ which was a first for me and a new favourite. It felt like I was flying and was such an amazing experience.

Another first for me was Frozen Ever After.


This opened just after my first visit to Disney World in May 2016 so I had been looking forward to this one and safe to say, it did not disappoint. I actually welled up in the end because I enjoyed it so much! Everything about it was amazing, from the walk through queuing area to the gift shop at the end. To say that my niece would love this would be a massive understatement!


The one thing that you don’t hear about this ride is that you end up with an absolutely soaking wet bum! I had to spend the next half an hour or so carrying the backpack to hide the damp spot!


We spent the next couple of hours waking around Future World and going on the smaller rides. I also noted that the queue to meet Baymax was fairly short so I jumped in line. The meet was a little awkward but I don’t think that the picture turned out too badly.

Time was getting on by this point so we grabbed a bit of lunch (Mongolian beef) at the sunshine terrace and enjoyed a leisurely sail around the living on the land ride before we made our way to the World Showcase.  While we were in Future World I had popped into Mouse Gear and bought a World Showcase Passport (along with a millennial pink magic band) so we had a bit of extra fun getting some of the countries stamped off at each pavilion.



I loved having a little wander around the different pavilions, they are so unique and fun little representations of each country. James and I also found different photographers at different and had great fun taking dorky photographs!


The Food and Wine festival was on during our holiday so we indulged in a few treats (and frozen margaritas). I had my eye on the New England Lobster Roll from the American pavilion. James savagely took a bite before I could get a picture but don’t be deceived, the roll was as small as it looks in the pic (only two inches big). It was tasty but not worth the $8 we paid for just for the sheer tininess of it!



It was past 4 pm by the time we had nosed around half of the pavilions. We had walked miles and the jet lag was starting to kick in big time so we decided to call it a day on the park and exit through the international gateway onto the Board Walk so that we could catch an Uber to a local Wal-Mart so that we could grab supplies for the holiday (aka snacks).

We did a quick shop, crashed at the hotel for a bit before heading back out to Disney Springs so that we could try D-luxe Burger for Dinner. We went for the El Diablo and honestly, it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten and such good value!


We spent some time having a wander around Disney Springs and looking in the shops. There was loads of live music playing due to it being a Friday night so the atmosphere was fab, by 9 pm however, we had to say goodnight because we were crashing hard. We spent $6 on an uber home and more or less conked out as soon as we were in bed!

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