Cardiff International Food Festival 2018


Cardiff is fit at the best of times but add some food to the mix and you’re onto a winner! The annual Cardiff International Food Festival took place this weekend and not being one to ever miss this event, I shifted my bum down to Cardiff Bay on Sunday morning in an attempt to beat some of the crowds.


James and I arrived at the festival 10 minutes after it opened and it was already buzzing with people so we decided to make our first stop for street food at Greek Souvlaki and grab a chicken wrap to eat in the shade. We hadn’t eaten up until that point so to say that I smashed that wrap quickly would probably be an understatement!


After the wrap, we went for a wander around a few of the stalls before deciding to try poutine, which is something that neither of us had tried before.


We decided to opt for the Buffalo chicken option. I was really pleasantly surprised with the portion of food that you get. We got a pot of original poutine and a pot of poutine topped with buffalo chicken for £7! That’s really reasonable for one of these food festivals.



It was a gorgeous day so we sat underneath the shelter of the Welsh Assembly Building and just looked over the bay. We peaked too soon on all of that poutine though and needed some time before we could manage any dessert!


It is very rare for me to attend a food festival and not buy a cake from the Ridiculously Rich by Alana stand. I’ve been buying from her since the ‘Narnas’ days because her cakes are lush. I opted for something different and went for a millionaires brownie. It was divine.


After an hour and a bit, the crowd level really increased which made for a stifling experience when combined with the heat. This resulted in us bailing out a bit earlier than we usually would but it was a successful event nonetheless. I would definitely recommend the Cardiff International Food Festival, it gets bigger every year and its always worth going for a look to see the different kinds of food that is available!


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