What I got up to in June


It’s no secret that I’m saving every available penny for my upcoming Walt Disney World trip. This has meant that I’ve had to get creative with what I do with my free time and find things to do that are kind to the old purse strings!

Luckily, the weather throughout May and June has been uncharacteristically fantastic for Wales so James and I have been getting out and about to make the most of it. Apart from the cost of petrol (which I don’t really count) all of the places I am writing about in this post are free to visit.

Our first stop was a walk around an old favourite, Cosmeston Lake in Penarth. This is a lovely walk through marshland boardwalks and the main lake. There is also a small medieval village that you can walk through but it’s only open at certain points in the day and not on the Sunday morning on which we visited.


It was a quiet morning so James and I took lots of pictures and I struck an ‘insta’ pose. Who have I become?!


There is also a nice little woodland area to walk through if you are looking to get out of the sun. Lots of people were lighting barbecues and having little picnics, this is something that I definitely plan to do in the future!


A couple of weeks later, James and I decided to finally stop putting off something that we had been talking about for an absolute age and tackle Pen Y Fan.


We started out on the Corn Du walk which was just behind the Storey Arms. It was the first time that I had attempted the climb and it was hard work at times but once we got to the top, I felt that it was completely worth it! The view was absolutely gorgeous.



I actually felt walking down the mountain more difficult than the walk up. Whats that about?! Bare in mind, if you plan to do this walk, its an approximately 3 hour round trip so bring plenty of water.



One of the only things that sucks about having amazing weather in Britain is that it is almost always guaranteed to be during the week when most of us are in work! After an absolutely sweltering week, James and I decided to make the most of the sun and hit the beach after work.


Although Southerndown Beach is only around 30 minutes from my house, I had never been there before last week. It’s only a tiny little beach but it seems really relaxed and it was absolute bliss just to stick our feet in the sea and cool off.


Southerndown beach isn’t your typical sandy beach. It’s quite rocky and there are big slabs of stone on which you can sit if you just want to dangle your legs into the water. It gets a bonus from me for being a rocky beach as it avoids the age old problem of getting sand all up in your bits!


Writing this post has reminded me just how beautiful Wales is and how lucky I am to live here. I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to get out and explore some more of the national surroundings.

I’ve been sharing a lot of my wanderings over on Instagram if you want to follow along.

You can also check out my Twitter here.

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