Planning for Walt Disney World


I recently posted that I had booked a trip to Walt Disney World, Florida in September 2018. To say that I’m excited would be a massive understatement. As such, I’ve been planning the day to day of our trip so I thought that I would share the tools that I have been using.

None of this post is sponsored, I just like finding out useful and otherwise unknown booking trips for WDW and thought that I would pas on what I have thus far learnt!


I’ve been trying to get my hands on as many of the free booking tools that are available as possible. Attraction Tickets Direct offer a catalogue and book that covers all of the attractions in Florida as well as everything Disney.

Whenever I think about booking a Florida trip, I’ve always ordered the Walt Disney World ‘Little Big Book of Magic’. It’s free of charge and gives plenty of up to date information on the parks as well as an example of a trip plan.


This years book also came with these fun little stickers!

We covered the necessities by booking our flights and hotel through Virgin holidays after a lot of online research and price comparisons. For us, It was cheaper to go from South Wales to London and fly with Virgin, rather than flying direct from Bristol Airport with Tui (which was another package that we had been considering). We were lucky and managed to book our trip over the May bank holiday weekend, getting our flights and hotel for £800 each (for a two week trip!)

Once the flights and accommodation were sorted we put down a deposit on the Disney and Universal park combo tickets. Park ticket prices are creeping up year by year and I was surprised to find that the price of the combination tickets had gone up by over £100 in the two years since our last visit! (I paid £430 for the combo tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct in 2016). This year, I opted for American Attractions who were the cheapest UK based official Disney Sellers that I could find. The price came to £583 each (after a £6 pp discount from the Money Saving Expert website was applied). Ouch.

Once the pain of the ticket price had eased, I was able to get on with the exciting part of our booking and I downloaded the My Disney Experience app!



This app is your lifeline for the Disney World parks. With it, you can book fast passes, set reminders for shows, make dining reservations as well as finding out ride wait times on the park maps. I set up a main account in my name and listed James as one of the guests in my party so that I could book him onto stuff at the same time as me.

So far I have booked a couple of dining reservations and have set reminders for certain shows. As we are staying offsite, I can only book fast passes 30 days before we arrive but I will be ready and waiting because I’m determined to get a Flight of Passage FP for at least one time during our holiday!


Universal also have a similar, albeit simpler app which you can view the park map and waiting times on. Great for when you are trying to strategise on your time in the parks, especially when it comes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where the queues can get pretty heavy!


One tool that I have been using to try and get a little money back on such an expensive trip (as well as every day life) is Top Cashback. They offer cashback on certain holiday packages and theme park tickets so it is definitely worth a browse*. I recently used the website to book out tickets to Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Party via the WDW website. You cannot imagine my joy!

I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned (or in mind) for our upcoming trip so I’ll share more over the next few weeks.

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*In the interest of full disclosure, I have used a referral code for the Top Cashback link. I will earn some pennies if you do sign up using this particular link but please feel free to simply search Top Cashback in your browser if you would rather.

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  1. Abbey says:

    I’m booking a trip this month, can’t wait to get fully into the planning, I’m already super excited. Definitely keeping this post saved so I can come back to it for some tips! And I hope you have a fab time!

    Abbey | x


    1. jadebarber92 says:

      Thank you! Hope that you also enjoy your trip x


  2. abbyuppington says:

    Ah we got back from our trip in April & had the most amazing time!!! I hope you have a magical time in September hun!
    A x


    1. jadebarber92 says:

      Thanks lovely! X

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love it we are going later this year as well! It’s a Trap set by a Mouse though! You will become addicted 🙂


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