Pancakes at Parc Pantry


Guys, I’ve found my new favourite breakfast/ brunch spot and it ISNT IN Cardiff! Who would have thought?!

I’d heard a few really good recommendations for Parc Pantry (based in Malpas, Newport) and after finding a few amazing Instagram posts from customers I decided that I would be visiting. My first visit was on Mothers Day, I had taken my mother for breakfast and had ordered a very indulgent Reese’s Peanut butter milkshake along with a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (picture above).


I was not expecting such a big amount of food. I was stuffed and am ashamed to admit that I could finish neither the milkshake nor the pancakes, it is very rare for any meal to defeat me!

I’ve returned to Parc Pantry a couple of times since my first visit. During both visits I’ve brought friends that have never been before because I’m adamant that the food is fantastic  value for what you pay.


My second visit resulted in Banana and Peanut butter pancakes which wasn’t actually on the menu. It also resulted in a ‘special iced latte’ in a coconut milk and raspberry flavour. The pancakes were glorious, the coffee was not. I think coconut milk with iced coffee would be fine but the raspberry element was actually jam and i just couldn’t drink it.


Undeterred by the iced coffee debacle, I have since returned a third time. Parc Pantry redeemed itself with a delicious chocolate milkshake and a breakfast toastie (chorizo, bacon, cheese and chilli jam) that I neglected to get a picture of as I was too excited to eat it!


This isn’t a sponsored post by any means. I was just excited to find delicious breakfast food that didn’t cost Cardiff prices. I can’t remember a time when I paid £5 for this amount of pancakes!


If you want to check out the menu you cant visit the Parc Pantry website here. I think the menu does change depending on the restaurant location (there are several in Newport). I would recommend a visit if you fancy some glorious pancakes.

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