Wedding prep purchases


On the 24th March, I was the Maid of Honour at one of my oldest friends wedding. It goes without saying that I was excited to be a part of her day and since it was a special occasion, I thought that I would freshen and upgrade some of my makeup collection. (As well as taking the opportunity to get some snazzy matching slippers and jammies for the night before the wedding at the Brides house – the above slippers are from Asda).

As is mandatory with all shopping trips (for me anyway) I stopped in Primark to pick up a few bits and ended up walking out with these Disney eyelashes. Beauty and the Beast (the animated version) is one of my favourite Disney films and at £2 each these were an absolute bargain.


I needed some new foundation for the wedding so I treated myself to the Kat Von D ‘Lock it’ foundation. I’m at an awkward stage with my skin where it’s still a bit tanned but the British winter has dulled it down a bit so I had to ask for a colour match to make sure that my face wouldn’t be orange. The sales assistant found my colour easily enough and then, sensing my lack of will power, she proceeded to sell me the lock it primer, the foundation brush and the Tattoo eyeliner. To say that she must have seen me coming would probably be an understatement!

The foundation and primer are actually some of the best face products that I have used. The foundation is a heavy coverage but you can lighten it up by mixing it with some of the primer. It lasted for the majority of the day with only minimum touch ups. The eyeliner was a repurchase and I find it really easy to apply to the eye. The brush is the only item that I’m unsure of; at £26, it’s a firm brush and applies the makeup quite well but it doesn’t look completely clean once its been used which is a bit of an annoyance to me.



I found these giant party poppers on sale in Paperchase and at £2 each I thought that these would be really fun to set off when the Bride and Groom got up to do their first dance. These are from the Ginger Ray brand which is where I purchased most of the Brides decorations for her Hen party last year.


I picked some Compeed as I suspected that after a day of a few of us wearing high heels they may be required. Luckily, in the end, they were not. I also picked up these ‘Team Bride’ flip flops from Primark to wear on the evening of the wedding. The new Primark wedding collections have been hugely popular over the internet for the last few weeks and considering that these flip flops were £2 (I also bought a pair for the Bride), it’s not hard to see why! I’m going to a hen party in October so I’m sure that I will be making a few more trips.

I was absolutely knackered the day after the wedding so I was glad that I preemptively got out the Sephora footmasks that I picked up while we were in Brisbane. I’ve never used a footmask before, it was a bit cold and unpleasant putting them on but I got used to it pretty quickly and my feet felt amazingly soft afterwards.


The wedding was an absolutely lovely day and I’ve taken away a lot of happy memories. Wedding season is pretty much upon us, so it’s great to feel prepared!

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